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Documented efficiency: shuttering times reduced by 50 % with Maximo

5 Ara 2013

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5 Ara 2013
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New working time reference values for panel formwork

The reference times featured in the "Arbeitsorganisation Bau" handbook are a valuable basis for construction site calculations in Germany. With Maximo, the latest edition on panel formwork contains for the first time a system with one-sided tie technology – which has been proven to save up to 50 % on workload.

The sections in the handbook cover a wide range of working operations in building construction, and the book is an important tool for planning engineers, site managers and cost estimators. As of November 2013, the revised chapter on "Formworking, Panel Formwork Walls Columns" replaces the 10 year old tables (in Germany also known as ARH Tables). The working time values shown for wall and column formwork have been significantly updated. The reference values are build on extensive time and motion studies whereby the basis is formed by systematically recorded time measurements taken on construction sites of different sizes and with varying levels of difficulty. The times take into account not only shuttering and striking, cleaning and application of formwork release oil but also obstructions such as corners and wall T-junctions.

For the first time, the institute also conducted time measurements for wall forming operations with one-sided tie technology. The working times determined for the Maximo panel formwork differ significantly from those recorded for conventional panel formwork which are more or less comparable. Depending on the ground plan layout and formwork height, the reference values for the Peri Maximo lie between 0.15 h/m² and 0.38 h/m² – this means up to 50 % less working time as required for conventional panel formwork. The newly published standard reference work from the publishing house “Zeittechnik Verlag” thus offers neutral, reliable verification that the innovative Peri system facilitates considerably faster working operations.

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