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Full-face surface repair for PERI Pave production pallets

10 Kas 2014

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10 Kas 2014
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PERI and PyraTec sign cooperation agreement

Headquartered in the Lower Saxony town of Nordhorn, PyraTec GmbH began to specialize in the overhaul of production pallets many years ago. In the meantime, the company is well established in the market providing customised repair solutions. After successful tests had been carried out with PERI Pave recently, PERI decided to cooperate closely with PyraTec in future: as a result, the specialist company will now take on the sustainable renovation of PERI production pallets with immediate effect – whilst taking into account the high PERI quality standards.

The industrial production of concrete paving products sets high standards regarding the manufacturing equipment being used. The aim is to ensure consistently high and reproducible quality over many years even for large production quantities.

The PERI Pave production pallet with its outstanding characteristics is a very reliable element in the manufacture of concrete paving blocks worldwide. The multiplex core construction is produced by the crosswise bonding of individual veneer layers of high‑quality birch wood taken from sustainably managed forests. The polypropylene coating is specially designed for use in concrete block production plants. Since 2007, the second generation of this coating has been used and provides very high impact resistance and abrasion resistance. This ensures a long service life for PERI Pave production pallets.

Extending the service life

Regular laboratory testing of PERI Pave production pallets show that the plywood core is still in very good condition even after many years of use. If the surface of the Pave production pallets has become worn due to production‑related wear and tear, the service life can be extended by means of a full‑face surface repair procedure. Since 2007, the abrasion resistance properties have been significantly improved through the use of polypropylene coating on the PERI Pave. In particular, a full‑surface repair can therefore increase the service life of those production pallets which were delivered up to 2006 and featured the first generation coating. This does not exclude the possibility of also renewing the latest polypropylene coating if necessary.

Experienced specialists gained as partner

For PERI, it was an obvious choice to cooperate with an experienced partner regarding full‑surface repairs. PyraTec has treated the wooden form boards from numerous production facilities and, as a result, can refer to a long list of very satisfied customers. In addition, the refurbishing specialist offers a wide range of service solutions and special repairs that, within the framework of the cooperation agreement, are precisely matched to suit the requirements of the PERI Pave production pallets.

In practice, PERI recommends to its customers in the concrete block a sector to commission the Nordhorn‑based company to carry out repairs to their PERI Pave production pallets. Through this collaboration, PERI can now also give its customers answers to all refurbishment questions as well as providing corresponding solutions.

Customised full-surface repairs

PyraTec agrees on all required repair work individually with each client and holds close consultations about possible repair solutions. For preparing the quotation, at least one reference pallet is inspected and repaired so that the customer can conveniently assess the expected result. Furthermore, it is common practice that the refurbished reference production pallet is tested once again in the production at the concrete block and paving stone plants before a firm order is placed for the repair.

PyraTec basically provides two different repair options with the following process steps and results:

  • Renocare C
    Drying and sanding of the production pallet; filling of cracks and indentations with a multi‑component plastic filler
    Seamless and perfectly even board surfaces
  • Renocare Special
    Same procedure as for Renocare C, with the additional application of a new, 1.6 mm thick plastic laminate coating on each side of the board
    Seamless, perfectly even and abrasion-resistant board surface through a new plastic laminate coating

Practical and thoroughly tested

The logistics for refurbishment operations is also efficiently handled and well thought out – without any loss of production: processing the pallets is carried out in batches – a full truckload in each case. When the first, refurbished production pallets are transported back to the plant, the other batches follow in stages. This also minimizes transportation costs and requirements.

The cooperation between PyraTec and PERI has been carefully prepared over the course of the year. In particular, the repair options and materials have been exactly matched to suit the PERI Pave and have undergone a test phase. The convincing results show that the concrete block manufacturing facilities can rely on the customary very high quality standards.

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